Abandoned Fort Mansfield- Napatree Point

After hearing talk of there being some kind of abandoned ‘fort’ right here in Westerly I set out on my own little adventure with my boyfriend to find it.  Our adventure began by heading on down to Watch Hill to park over by Napatree Point.  Napatree Point was at one point very built up until the Hurricane of ’38 destroyed everything in its path.  Now it is just a strip of land making for a secluded beach.


Watch Hill is quite the high class area with big fancy houses, everyone driving very expensive cars (lots of BMW’s).  Along the drive there I was repeatedly made area that Conan O’Brian had a house down one of the streets we drove past.  The town was lined with high-end shopping stores.  We parked along the street where directly in front of us was a carousel and to our side in the water someone had their VERY large yacht in the water.  To get to Napatree Point from here we had to walk along the water down a little sandbar until the first open path we came along.  From there we took the path onto the very much secluded beach.  It was such a beautiful evening.  The wind was gently blowing and there was not a cloud in the sky and a nice salty taste placed itself among my lips.  As we walked down the beach for about a mile we were playing dodge the incoming waves because the water was quite cold.  As we neared closer to where the fort was supposedly located the beach turned from beautiful soft sand to jagged rocks.  Shortly after we reached this rocky beach area we noticed a steep path going up the back of the beach.  Not quitesure if this was the path we needed I sent my boyfriend up first to check it out before I headed up myself.  It was indeed the right spot.

After getting up there and weeding through the bushes we very much so came across what looked like an abandoned fort.  There was a small fence I’m guessing to keep people out but this little fence could not even keep a toddler out.  We hopped over the fence and began exploring.  Behind us you could hear the crashing of the waves back on the beach.  The fort was covered in graffiti and went beneath the ground.  We ended up finding a stairwell that was not over-grown with bushes and poison ivy.  Inside the fort was incredibly dark and wet.  We had to jump from stone to stone to avoid walking on the ground and getting our feet wet.  The hallways ran the length of the fort with a couple small empty rooms.  Back outside we came across what looked like an out-look point.  It was really quite cool to see something like this and just explore it.  I do not know how I have lived around here for so long and never knew about this place but I am certainly glad I found it.



Our walk went from the picture above to having to climb over all these rocks!



An open and non-blocked off door we found behind the bushes.



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